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Bach Flower Remedies

Years of research by Dr. Edward Bach fit into 38 flower monoelixirs. Each of the flowers has its own resource and sends informational impulses to the area of feelings and decisions of a person, helping him to “turn on” his own healing powers and “dissolve” old patterns of behavior.



flower resource:tcreative potential.
Positive Virtue:presence


Those who consider their life miserable and run from reality. With excessive dreaminess, "flying in the clouds." Groundless and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Those who live in the future, who are not interested, ignore the present. With drowsiness. The flower of reality or the flower of the dreamer. From escaping reality... to transforming reality.

Affirmation:  I am fully present here and now.​ I am passionate about real life and use my abilities and creativity to achieve the best and most enjoyable results.​

White Chestnut 

(White Chestnut).

flower resource: kconcentration.
Positive Virtue: peace of mind.

With mental hyperactivity, the cycle of thoughts, talking to yourself and the inability to switch off. With frequent thoughtfulness, poor concentration. It helps when your mind is cluttered with obsessive thoughts, various arguments and ideas that you would not like to have in your mind. Flower of thought. From unwanted mental merry-go-round... to inner peace.


Affirmation:  I am at peace with myself, in peace and serenity. From my calm mind and soul come the answers.​ I develop my intuition.

sclerantus (1)_edited.jpg


(Divala, Ezha).


flower resource:  integration.
Positive Virtue: decisiveness.

For the indecisive. Those whose life is dominated by inconstancy, changeability and indecision. With hesitation and uncertainty, when it is difficult to choose between two things, make decisions and find out what they really want from life. With capriciousness, eternal twitchiness and inner restlessness. The flower of balance. From internal inconsistency... to internal balance.

Affirmation:  I know what suits me. I think clearly, make decisions easily, and move confidently towards my dreams and goals. 

Agrimony (burdock).

flower resource: harmony.
Positive Virtue:openness.

Do you hide your problems and troubles behind a cheerful behavior? For those who worry, but pretend that everything is in order behind a mask of happiness, Edward Bach recommended Agrimony - a flower of honesty, conflict or confrontation. From outer harmony... to peace with oneself.


Affirmation:  I am at peace with myself. Мне нравится моё окружение и я честен с собой и другими.​  Я чувствую безусловное счастье во мне._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239- 9149-20813d6c673b_


flower resource: rest.
Positive Virtue: recovery.

Tired, with a lack of spiritual energy. When it seems that there is no strength for anything, not even rest. With no interest in life. Recovery flower. From exhaustion... to a source of strength.


Affirmation:  Iconnected with an inexhaustible source of universal life energy and am in the process of complete regeneration and renewal. 20813d6c673b_ I am determined to return to integral forces.​

Gentian  (gentian).

flower resource: reflection.
Positive Virtue:Vera.

From depression and despondency. With doubts and disappointments. Those who give up too easily at the first difficulty. With uncertainty, hesitation, pessimism and indecision. Flower of faith or skepticism. From doubt... to trust.

Flower resource: Reflection.

Positive virtue: Faith.


Affirmation:  I I know that every experience is a valuable lesson. I create my reality and believe in my success.​ I confidently continue to do what is right for me.


Hornbeam (Hornbeam).

flower resource: fortification.
Positive Virtue: Energy.

With fatigue, feeling tired. With unwillingness to work, laziness and apathy. When you often put things off until later and hate Monday mornings. If you have doubts about your own ability to cope with daily duties. When life got bogged down in a routine and life lost its luster. Energy flower. From spiritual lethargy ... to spiritual freshness.


Affirmation:  I am calm about my tasks. I have the energy that I need.​ I live my life effortlessly and with pleasure. ​I get my life the way I want it.​

Elm (Elm).

flower resource: importance.
Positive Virtue: determination.

With temporary fear of failure and doubts about your skills. When feeling discouraged in the face of a serious problem. Overload, reaching a personal limit, when you are not up to the task. With a feeling of weakness, fatigue. Flower of responsibility. From being irresponsible... to trusting your skills.


Afcompany:  I am open to all my tasks. I trust my skills and have confidence in them. I give myself permission not to be a perfectionist. I let go of the need to do everything and realize what really matters.​


Larch (Larch).

flower resource: caution.
Positive Virtue:courage.

For people who feel a lack of self-confidence, who consider themselves inferior to others and are upset because of this. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity of any origin. The expectation of failure and defeat. Lack of drive and desire to act. The flower of self-confidence. From self-restraint... to self-disclosure.


Affirmation:  My self-confidence is growing every day. I trust my skills and use them boldly and decisively.​ The universe supports me in achieving my goals. I got rid of the habit of comparing myself with others.​

sweet chestnut

(Chestnut Noble).

flower resource:mmetamorphosis.
Positive Virtue: metamorphosis.

For states of deep despair and feelings of hopelessness. With pain from grief. With unbearable suffering and strong emotional experiences. In cases where you no longer know what and how to do next. Flower of Liberation. From night... to light.

Sweet Chestnut.jpeg
BR_20ml_Dropper_US_SweetChestnut_01 (1).png

Affirmation:  I see the path, I choose the path and turn towards the light. I believe in life itself.​​ I open myself to change and growth.


Star of Bothlehem

(Star of Bethlehem).

flower resource:clarification.​
Positive Virtue: permission.

Those who are in a state of shock, with fear. Those who experience a feeling of grief and sadness after an acute traumatic situation, including from memories. Shocks, heartache, anxiety and inconsolability. The flower of consolation. From shock... to reorientation.


Affirmation:  I have recovered from a past injury. I am calm (at).​​ I radiate the power of my love.  I breathe deeply, let go and feel free.​

Gorse (gorse).

flower resource: acceptance.
Positive Virtue: hope.

When you do not know where to run from hopelessness and despair. With hopelessness, pessimism and apathy. When there is no hope of getting rid of your heartache and suffering. Flower of Hope. From surrender... to resource.


Affirmation:  I believe in life itself, in myself and choose to be an optimist.​ I have hope and confidence in the future. I look on the bright side and keep my focus on the positive.

If you want dry facts on the effectiveness of BFR, check outreview of 12 clinicalblind randomized studies of the positive impact of Bach flowers on various psychological problems. There is alsoa number of clinicalstudies showing that Bach's flower remedies even have a positive effect on pain reduction. 

To make an appointment for a personal consultation on Bach Flowers and the selection of your unique combination, contact a certified specialist at the contacts below.

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