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About me

My name is Maria Harahash and I am a psychosomatic specialist, hypnotherapist, NLP master, quantum healer,

 master of meditation, mindfulness, master of Reiki and sound therapy.

My voice is your panacea.

With the help of modern psychosomatic, hypnotic, regressive methods of working with the subconscious, in consultation with me, you will work out your request in any of the areas: from health and self-esteem to finances and relationships. The work goes on at once at three levels: PSYCHE, BRAIN, BODY. Together with me, you will identify a stressful conflict from the past that triggered a certain psychological or physical state and re-live it in a positive way, changing the bodys reaction.

I will not give details here about my two higher educations (now I am in the process of obtaining a third one), I will not attach dozens of my diplomas and certificates in various areas of working with people. I’ll just say that before I came to all this, I went through everything on myself: terrible vague diagnoses of doctors and their shrugging, not knowing how to help, hundreds of examinations, anxiety, phobias, blockages in financial areas (you work hard, but the results not those), family conflicts, etc. All this was before my acquaintance with psychosomatics, namely with the PSY 2.0 method, before my knowledge of practices in the field of psychology, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing...


Now I'm at a new stage in my life and it is a thrill! =) I am completely happy and healthy! Living the life of my dreams. My clients are 100% satisfied with the results of our consultations.

And I want to share my knowledge with you,

just give me your request.

Together with me you:

  • learn to understand the signals of your body;

  • work out and remove psychological blocks;

  • get rid of negative attitudes, fears, PA;

  • unleash your potential, establish personal and business relationships;

  • increase your income;

  • learn to always be in the resource;

  • get rid of pain;

  • get 100% working tools to get out of your disease program;

  • forget about allergies;

  • improve vision;

  • get rid of the habit of taking pills for any minor reason;

  • say goodbye to addictions;

  • understand the cause of your children's illnesses;

  • start a new happy and healthy stage of your life...

Методы работы


Авторская концепция " PRO чувства"

Метод PSY 2.0


Ресурсные техники

Медитативные техники

Гипнотические техники




Квантовая психология


Работа с энергией Reiki

 Звуковая терапия

Гвоздестояние (Sadhu)

Цветы Баха




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