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"PRO you"

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Maria Harahash

Psychosomatic specialist, hypnotherapist, NLP master, quantum healer,

 master of meditation, mindfulness, master of Reiki and sound therapy.

Олеся Оскола

- духовный психолог, специалист по психосоматике, интегративный нутрициолог и проводник в мире игры Лила и расстановок. Она проведет вас сквозь внутренний лабиринт, раскрывая глубокие внутренние паттерны и помогая освободиться от негативных влияний. Ее знания и помогут вам обрести чистоту ума и тела.
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I invite you to a meeting not only with me, but first of all with yourself! With the help of unique working methods, I will help you look into the depths of your subconscious and find answers to the most exciting questions. 


Immerse yourself in this magical and unique experience.

When?Date and time to be confirmed

Where?      San Diego

                  Civita Boulevard

Limited number of seats!

Part of the money from each ticket purchased is sent to support  

Registration form. 

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At the meeting you will learn:

  • what is modern psychosomatics and how does it work;

  • how our condition affects our lives and what to do about it;

  • Where does self-love begin?

  • what attitudes hinder your success;

  • how to find yourself and your purpose;

  • how to improve relationships, health and life...


                                                             And much more!

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