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Therapeutic online meeting "Pajama therapy"

Maria Harahash


Psychosomatic specialist, hypnotherapist, NLP master, quantum healer,

 master of meditation, mindfulness, master of Reiki and sound therapy.

A unique, special and incredibly soulful online meeting format. This is a party in pajamas, where there are so many heart-to-heart talks. There is no place for embarrassment -this is a space for revealing your femininity, sexuality and uniqueness. Place to return to the resource state and froma traditional way in your favorite pajamas to once again remind yourself thatlife is Beautiful! And you - even more so!

When?   Date and time to be confirmed

Where?      Online meeting in Zoom

Part of the money from each ticket purchased is sent to support  

Registration form. 


At the meeting:

  • reveal your femininity and sexuality even more and take it into the real world;

  • harmonize your inner state;

  • fall in love with yourself and your body;

  • define your unique Bach flower formula;

  • improve relationships, health and life...



                                                                       And much more!

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