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"PRO feelings"
Sound Healing Bath + Sadhu Nails

Maria and Dmitry

Your guides to the life of dreams through the subconscious.


It is time to realize the fact that your life can become even better, shine with new colors. And we will help you find answers and light the way with the help of various practices (sound healing, nailing, MAK....) stress, fears and blocks.


Immerse yourself in this magical and unique experience.

When? coming soon

Where?    San Diego, CA 9218

                  Civita Park

Limited number of seats!

Hurry up to book your seat with a 27% discount 

Energy exchange 77$ (early booking)

Part of the funds from each purchased ticket goes to support Ukraine!

Registration form. 


Waiting for you:

  • an evening of self-discovery;

  • awakening elixirs with Bach flowers;

  • energy breathing, deep hypnotic meditation,  with Sound healing bath and live vocals​

  • metaphorical associative cards;

  • practice of working with intention with the help of Sadhu nails;

  • tea drinking and open communication with questions for guides...

         And a lot of insights!

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Program Events


 Bach Flowers

Acquaintance with guides and guests, communication, mood for practice with elixirs from Bach Flowers.


of life
energy respiration

A breathing practice that prepares your consciousness and subconscious for awakening and transformation.



Deep therapeutic meditation on working with goals to the sounds of high-vibration musical instruments.

IMG_1615 2.heic

sadhu nails


Working through a personal request through metaphorical associative maps and the "path of intentions" with Sadhu nails.

Наслаждаясь чаем



Tea ceremony,

where all participants will share their insights and be able to ask the remaining questions to the masters. 

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